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A young Catholic’s insights on a deeper, more virtuous life.

“The only people who are never bored are lovers.” 

About Shannon

Jesus.  Family.  Shenanigans.  That’s it.

Shannon Donnelly was born and raised in Pennsylvania, right outside the great city of Philadelphia.  She speaks, writes, and works to spread the Good News through the topics of theology of the body, searching for the divine, family life, and femininity and purity.  She is passionate about bringing young people closer to Christ through Jesus’ merciful healing and relationship.

You can connect with her on Instagram: @shannndonnelly

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Theology of The Body Talk

Using the work of JPII’s Theology of The Body, Shannon speaks on the power of human dignity and how the Holy Spirit inspires some pretty powerful, dynamic, and holy revelations through us. Speaking on the importance of cultivating a clean conscience, exercising your faith muscles, and exhibiting holy habits, Shannon uses her personal training and group fitness analogy to reveal the beauty of taking care of our soul, which is, our body.

Purity and Femininity

Young women are bombarded with images in the media of how to look and how to act. We live in a culture of influences who show us what kind of ways we can “be a woman.” Centered on the truth about the dignity of a woman, expressing the beauty of Mary and the power of Jesus’ mercy, Shannon speaks on the importance of holy womanhood rather than the toxic culture’s idea of beauty.

Family Life

Family is … messy.  That’s really it. Families experience hurt, betrayal, and so much suffering. Families are the place we find who we are to our core and inevitably realize how much our family shapes us. Shannon can cover a multitude of topics in family life including:

The ways families can be our idols and pressure, not unconditional love. 

How families are not the source of life-giving communion anymore and why we need Christ’s mercy.

How becoming really intentional about faith is not received well 

How purity and chastity are conversations of growth and not shame (especially because teen thinks it’s a conversation of shame)

Searching for the Divine

There are tons of spiritual practices and rituals that people engage in to exercise their soul; their inward being, their “center.”  As human-beings, this is necessary but in reason. Some attempts at mindfulness fall short because they are relaxing their “center” into nothingness, or the universe/the planet. For the Christian, you place yourself (your soul) into the dwelling of God in exchange for His personal, divine intimacy. Shannon speaks on why we need to turn to prayer, to God, in all things when we search for meaning.


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