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A young Catholic’s insights on a deeper, more virtuous life.

“The only people who are never bored are lovers.” 

Want relationship advice? Great. Let me tell you a story,

In the past I use to over-examine physical attractions on others before their character.

“Oh, he is so good-looking, I think he is ‘the one.'”

“She is so skinny and beautiful, she must be so happy.”

Because of this little thing called prayer, I changed.

The End.

Now more detail. Okay. So Jesus taught me how to love. I can appreciate the authentic beauty in others in a sincere way.  Not one ounce of my heart is out to seek attraction as a path to pleasure, but to let attraction be motivation to live a life of sainthood. Sainthood is not “being a good person” as much as it is being your true-self. Your true-self touched by the love of God.

Jesus’ biggest tactic of evangelization stems from being himself, not preaching scripture—which is essentially what Jesus did, because truth is captivating. Sure, He wasn’t fully understood at time, but he was a like-able, good-looking guy.

Attractions lead us to actions. Being around an attractive person with high integrity demands a lot of us and encourages us to be full-alive and it breeds goodness.

“You make me want to be a better person!” is the best compliment I can ever receive.

Being around an attractive person with no morals or work ethic or decency requires little effort for greatness and doesn’t call us to give much of ourselves.

Jesus’ beauty and infectious charisma is God’s divinity.  This incarnate goodness of God’s Word found in and through His body is the very nature of Who God is.  It is the very essence that opens us and inspires us towards our fullest desires; the same way good and virtuous people on Earth Inspire us.

In relationship with Jesus, our hearts begin to live in a world where pleasure is the bonus, not the goal.  So, for anyone out there looking for the best love and relationship you can find, find the one person who brings out the best in you.

The best relationship advice I continuously give to friends and young people is this;

can you be your best and true self around this person?

Theologically: is this person committed to helping you become a saint?  And by saint, I mean the full blossom of who you are through a deep radical love for Jesus.

“Whether somebody brings out the best in you makes a difference because how a person makes you feel about yourself can affect how you see him or her.”

The way Jesus captured me was by being in love with me, calling me His prized-possession, and ravishing my heart, not my body.  The reason I kept him in my life was because I responded to this endless invitation of love. He constantly brought out the best in me, took away my insecurities, and saw the best in me. It started with a touch of internal beauty and the rest of my joy and ease flew outward. And sometimes I wonder how much I will care to find someone so “perfect.” Realistically, I only hope that one day I will meet someone who see’s me for who I am.

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Don’t date for looks or clout. Fall in love organically.

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